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California Dreaming

Sitting in Denver airport on our way to Santa Clara CA. Son George making his way with the San Fransico 49er's and now appears he will make the team. They play Thursday night and with holiday weekend he has a day or so off. So off we go to see him, watch the game Thursday night, and get caught up.

We traveled to KC to watch them play Chiefs. Then to MN to watch them play Vikings. Now off to CA and it is a bit surreal. You take a dream you had as an individual yourself. It is something you watch for years and know people that made it for a short time, and you know how hard it is. How unlikely it is, yet here it is. Just to get drafted was an honor and a dream come true. And now, with the final cut (from 90 to 53) due by 1:00 PM on Friday, it appears young George will be a 49er for the 2017 season. Pretty exciting.

So very happy for him as he has truly dreamed about playing NFL for years and years. But it isn't just the dream and desire. It is the years he put in the hard work to make a dream a reality. 5 years at Iowa, while a gift and a blessing, was a piece of work. It is a grind and no matter what I might share and try to explain to you, unless you have done it, or something like it, you just can't imagine. So I am so very proud of him for sticking it out, working hard, building a bit each day, trusting the process, and eventually, and finally, seeing results (when for so many days it seemed not to be happening).

It is a reminder and lesson for me also. How important it is to identify the goal, see the objective clearly, then focus on the process more then the outcomes. Create action plan/steps for achieving the goal then just go to work. Occasionally looking up to make sure you are on the path, but just watching one foot plant in front of the other and keep moving forward. That is life. One more day and a gift to each of us to make it what we will. Move forward, or fall back, we never stay the same.

So here is to a beautiful fall 2017 with encouragement to keep dreaming those dreams, to keep working your plan, to see visions, dream big, take risks, and trust the process. Trust your heart and your spirit and all the things you love. So with love, appreciation, and gratitude, wishing you all the best.

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