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49ers v Saints - HPP Episode 120 with Suzi Landolphi

WOW Mexico City! Unbelievable and amazing, and an wonderful win by Niners who are back home for a 3-game home stand. They head into week 12 at 6-4 with a 3-game win streak. Now the 4th overall seed in NFC and #1 in the West. Yes, its still early and lot of ball to play but sitting good and just need to take care of business. Which this week is the 4-7 Saints. Who can forget the 2019 game with them in New Orleans that was a back-and-forth slug fest with Niners coming out in the end to win 48-46. Incredible game and so much fun. This time Niners picked by 9 and we all hope it is more like last week with another beatdown.

This week we have a great show with MVP Clinical Director Suzi Landolphi. We have wanted to have Suzi on the show for a while but thought this week was most appropriate with the holidays upon us, which can be wonderful for many. But they can also be sad, difficult , and triggering for others. With our focus on mental health we wanted to talk about why the holidays can be so difficult and offer some practical suggestions that can help us through.

We talk Suzi’s up bringing and the lessons learned from her family, as well as the “legacy trauma” handed down to her by her family (which most of us have to some degree). We work through her many transitions (she is a “builder/creator’ rather than a “maintainer”), including sex educator and family therapist (being sued by Jerry Fallwell for speaking in high schools about safe and “hotter sex” and how that case made it to the Supreme Court and eventually opened the door for sex education in public schools.

We move through her transitions into Horse Equine Healing (getting trained and buying a ranch), her work in recovery and shifting the conversation from what’s wrong/broken with people to what has happened to us. Helping people realize that “We all get to heal, choose what happens now, and create the person we deserve to be and life we deserve to live.” A theme that fits right in with mindfulness, the notion of separation from our thoughts and emotions (thoughts are just thoughts and emotions just emotions – they are not us and do not define us). Staying curious and examining our feelings/thoughts, and then CHOOSING how we want to show up in life.

We close out looking at her work with veterans, creating the Warrior PATHH program (focusing on Post Traumatic GROWTH), and then eventually starting her work with MVP, and her new podcast “Be Crazy Well.” Many great insights in this one on healthy living, setting boundaries, reclaiming control over your life, and how to survive the holidays with family (GO FOR A WALK!!).

Two thoughts as we close out. First, in this holiday season let us be kind to each other and with intention decide who you will see, for how long, and what those interactions will be like. Reminder to check in on whose rules you are following and if it is an old one given to you by someone from your past, get rid of it if in no longer serves you. And ask for help if you need it.

Second, we offer our support and deepest condolences to the family, friends, and community of those brutally shot down in Colorado at The Q nightclub, another mindless attack on the LGBTQ community. Singling people out on the basis of their sexual or gender orientation must stop. We stand proudly with the LGBTQ community and will do all we can to support them and the freedom to live in peace and without violence or oppression. We must stop hate.

Happy holidays. Let’s lead with love and kindness. Have a great week being uniquely you!! Bruce


- It is OK TO NOT BE OK (and to tell someone!!) - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

- It is OK TO ASK FOR HELP – that is why YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!




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