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Darkness over the water

With only the stars and fading moon greeting the waves breaking on the shore

It starts in the silence of the night, almost unnoticeable

But it has begun, darkness to light

Revealing only the smallest of hints of what is to come

A single radiant glow creeps above the sea line

Just flickers of light teasing you of what is to come

Black to blue, blue to pink, pink to orange

The colors, while faint, offering a certainty of what is to come

Semi-circles of boldness and courage escaping the darkness for all the world to see

Birds darting in and out as if playing a game with the coming sun

Dancing between darkness of what was and the light of what will be

The light pushes on, determined to seize this moment for its own

Now but not yet, as it pushes for its full release onto the world

Then, in a single moment, it arrives

Exploding above the horizon to claim this day and to mark us as its own

Affirming the morning and our expectations with love and warmth

The light grows stronger and boulder, the darkness fades

And the night, accepting its fate, releases its grip, and is gone

Surrendering to the expanse of light and warmth

A new day is upon us, with all of its brilliance and possibilities laid out before us

Our dreams and visions alive, rising up to greet this new chance

We dance with the rising sun over the waves of water and light

With the birds and rays of light we also are lifted to new heights and new possibilities

A new day

A new chance

All is possible

The day greets us with warmth and a grateful heart

Embracing our dreams

All is possible

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